The Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in the United States

Since 1985, Florin|Roebig has represented a variety of people across the country who require competent legal counsel. Florin|Roebig has been named one of the “Best Law Firms in America” by “US News and World Report” and “Best Lawyers in America” every year since the honor began in 2010.

motorcycle lawyer los angeles
motorcycle lawyer los angeles

At our offices in Florida, Texas, Minnesota, and Colorado, our experienced attorneys can provide comprehensive legal consultation services in person.

Florin|Roebig’s legal team includes the following motorcycle injury attorneys:

Wil H. Florin, B.C.S.
Tommy D. Roebig, B.C.S.
Chase P. Florin, B.C.S.
Neil P. O’Brien, M.B.A.
Shaun M. Cummings
Luca G. Esposito
Chad K. Florin, M.B.A., LL.M.
Nicholas S. Costantino
Parker Y. Florin, LL.M.
Taylor D. Roebig
John J. Hart
Nollys R. Solarte, O.C

Our law firm has successfully won over $1 billion in settlements from personal injury cases by providing our clients with high-quality legal representation. We have over 30 years of experience. Call or fill out an online form to learn more about our attorneys and the process.

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