From Fruits To Vegetables: 8 Foods Rich In Polyphenols


If you don’t know which foods are rich in polyphenols, and more, you have no idea how important they are, we have great news! First of all, these foods are part of a balanced healthy eating menu, that is, they are easy to include in the routine. Also, polyphenol is considered the nutrient of longevity, so it’s worth knowing more about it.

To better understand this essential nutrient for our health and quality of life, check out the content and discover the main sources:

What are polyphenol-rich foods?

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First of all, let’s understand what polyphenols are. In general terms, they are organic compounds, that is, substances found in some classes of food, for example, vegetables. Its main feature is to act as a defense system.

Because they are solid and poorly soluble in water, they have the ability to protect food from external aggressors – such as ultraviolet radiation, insects and microbial pests. Therefore, foods rich in polyphenols are those with a high presence of this substance, which, for humans, is beneficial for acting as a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.