Find out university to study BSc psychology in the US

Find out university to study BSc psychology in the US

Graduates of psychology programs receive education and training in a wide range of topics relating to human behavior that are relevant to numerous different professions. Online interactions with students from other nations offer priceless chances for diversity and teamwork training. The increased understanding of psychological mechanisms and human behavior that results enhances a student’s educational experience.

These experiences demonstrate the value of an online psychology bachelor’s degree. A strong candidate for many fields can be produced by psychological studies that develop critical thinking, communication, research, and diversity skills. Graduates with an online psychology degree can enter a developing and potentially lucrative field thanks to these and other options.

There was once a perception that online education was inferior to on-campus education. As technology developed and the Internet gained in popularity, more accredited colleges and universities looked for strategies to boost enrollment. For millions of people, distance learning is the best option, and many universities offer specialized online programs.

Online bachelor’s degree programs prepare students for post-secondary education or the workforce. You can work in social services, as a school psychologist, or as a clinical mental health counselor if you have a graduate degree in psychology. Research is also carried out by psychologists.

What Is the Price of a Psychology Degree?

Depending on the university and program you choose, earning an online psychology degree can be expensive. Public universities, also referred to as state universities, typically charge lower tuition than private colleges. Additionally, the majority of online programs charge less for tuition than their conventional counterparts.

The availability of financial aid and enrollment status are additional crucial factors. Financial aid packages may be generous at a private school. In this scenario, a private institution might be more affordable than a public one.

120 credits are typically needed for a bachelor’s degree. Course fees are calculated per credit. Additionally, most courses are three credits. Here is an illustration of how to calculate your total cost using the cost per credit. Remember that there may occasionally be extra charges.

Top 4 universities for bachelor’s degrees in psychology online

⦁ Drexel University

In 1996, Drexel University, a Philadelphia institution founded in 1891, became one of the first to provide top-notch online education. The prestigious online BS in Psychology is one of its 150 online degrees.

Your courses will be delivered over four ten-week quarters each year by professors from the department of psychological and brain sciences. You will study a wide range of fundamental psychology subjects, such as research and methodology, statistics, testing, three writing-intensive courses, and a senior thesis, in addition to general education classes

To give you a taste of what it’s like to be an online student, Drexel University offers an online “test drive.”

⦁ University of Utah

The University of Utah, established in 1850, has 31,000 students enrolled in classes with a 17-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio. A research-based psychology degree is an option for undergraduates at the U, which is renowned for its cutting-edge programs.

The 53-credit major and general education requirements can be transferred in order to complete the 122-credit BS in psychology.

Students are given a thorough introduction to psychology using four of the five available subfields: social, clinical, cognitive, and neuroscience. At the University of Washington, students can choose from one of four main subfields of neuroscience to study, including cognitive neuropsychology, sensation and perception, neuropsychology of emotions and personality, or brain and behavior. There are some undergraduate programs that do not expose students to the field of neuroscience.

⦁ DePaul University

Consider DePaul University’s degree completion programs and an online BA in Psychology if you’re a transfer student. We concur that DePaul’s innovation is among the best in the Midwest, according to ranking services like Forbes, The Princeton Review, and U.S. News and World Report.

This program offers a standard focus and two concentrations in human development. You are now prepared for upcoming psychology graduate programs thanks to the required coursework. Child and adolescent behavior is the main area of study in the human development program.

⦁ McKendree University

When online higher education programs first became accessible, McKendree University, the first university in Illinois founded in 1829, jumped on board. Since 1971, this Illinois institution has provided working adults with flexible ways to complete their undergraduate degrees, and it offers one of the best online bachelor’s degrees in the nation, according to U.S. News and World Report.

There are two-course length options: eight and sixteen weeks. Children, adolescents, and adults can take classes on psychological theory, development, and research methods. Additionally, a huge selection of electives and seminars will be available to you. Rolling admission is available at McKendree University, and more than 70% of applicants are accepted.


The National Center for Education Statistics lists psychology as one of the most widely chosen college majors in this article. In a variety of professions, having an understanding of human behavior is advantageous, if not essential. His popularity is at least in part due to this. This article will be useful if you want to learn more about this degree.

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