Best ways to hide your private images on iPhone and Android phones.

Best ways to hide your private images on iPhone and Android phones.

Our smartphones, which we keep in our pockets, now store our personal information. There are many pictures and videos we take, some of which you might want to keep private. However, it’s possible that you’ll give your phone to a friend without knowing their true intentions or that it will inadvertently land in the wrong hands.

When someone picks up your tablet or smartphone and begins looking through your gallery, it is always annoying, especially considering that this almost never occurs with your consent.

Everyone records their memories with photos. Keeping your private photos safe is a concern, though, as your Photos album cannot be used to store them securely. On the other hand, these apps enable you to store your private pictures in safe places.

These applications are safe and secure. You are not required to keep your pictures hidden.

There are two device users in this instance: an iPhone user and an Android user. Let’s examine the Android hiding app first, then.

Highest Rated Android Apps for Hiding Images and Videos

You don’t need to worry if you use Android because there are a ton of great apps available for hiding photos and videos. The top ten Android apps for hiding images and videos have been compiled by us.

The top Android apps are listed below if you want to conceal images and videos.

⦁ Vaulty: Hide pictures & Videos

Another well-known and trustworthy photo/video hiding app that performs admirably despite having a slightly dated aesthetic is Vaulty. To password-protect and hide media files from the gallery, just open the app and choose the files you want to do so. The best feature of Vaulty is that it “mugshots” burglars who try to enter the wrong password to access your vault.

You can see who attempted to enter your personal space when you unlock the app. The fact that everyone can use this feature for no cost is unquestionably positive. Additionally, you can make multiple vaults with unique passwords so that you can store various kinds of pictures or videos in each.

You must upgrade to the Premier subscription if you want to delete the app’s advertisements or back up your files to the cloud.

⦁ Hide Something: photos, videos

With over 5 million downloads, Hide Something is one of the easiest-to-use Android apps for hiding images and videos. Photos and videos can be password- or fingerprint-protected. Simply share a file with the Hide Something app in order to move new photos or videos to the “invisible” folder.

You can also use a sophisticated image viewer, a small selection of lovely themes, support for a variety of media file types, and the fake login mode to further protect your privacy. As a result of its superior ability to avoid detection, Hide Something does not show up in the list of recently used items.

The feature that really wins for me is the ability to browse all of your private media files using the desktop browser while the app backs them up to Google Drive. The end user can browse and access photos and videos more easily as a result.

The top iPhone (IOS) apps for hiding photos and videos (2023)

You must first download an app to your iPhone in order to secure your photos. Additionally, there are serious dangers associated with having your Photos album’s photos unlocked. Below is a list of the top iPhone apps that can assist you with the issue of how to hide pictures.

⦁ HiddenVault Secret Photo Album

Choose HiddenVault Secret Photo Album if you want a complete solution to lock and protect your photos and other multimedia files on your iOS device. It sets itself apart from other iPhone Vault Apps by enabling you to centrally store and lock an infinite number of personal images, videos, passwords, and apps. It even enables users to use the app’s built-in private browser and auto-fill passwords from the vault.

You can arrange your private documents into specialized albums and lock them with a PIN or Face ID after importing them all into HiddenVault Secret Photo Album. For one month after purchasing HiddenVault Premium, you will have free, unlimited access to all of the features. The user experience of the photo vault app is constantly being improved, and it is now also available in Spanish.

⦁ GalleryVault – Hide Photo Video

One of the top iPhone apps for hiding photos and videos is GalleryVault – Hide Photo Video. The app can hide its app icon to protect your privacy and stop unauthorized users from uninstalling it.

With just a few taps, the iPhone Vault App can quickly lock down your private images and videos with a pattern, passcode, or touch ID. Even ‘Break-in Alerts’ benefit from knowing who is trying to break in.

Additionally, it has an integrated Private Browser that enables anonymous web browsing and lets you download and lock videos and photos right inside the iOS vault app.


The app’s ability to automatically close when a user shakes their phone and its appearance as a calculator are two of its best features. Select the option that best suits your requirements, and then let us know which app you favor in the comments section below.

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